Thursday, 18 January 2018

Be no doubt

I believe it by now is obvious to all that I am supposed to be an American "baby". That is, though, nonsense. I am the Girl, and the one having taken me in possession, is Satan. I despise the ones having taken me in possession. I despise the ones having mislead my people. What they have done is called attempt on coup d’√Čtat, and they will be put to court, in Norway.

I want revenge

I was wondering about my headache. I consumed some drinks, some cognac, two days ago, and the headache started immediately and has lasted until today. And I think, that even if my nerve cells are damaged by medication, two days of considerable headache is to long. So I just put on my Kygo headphones. And after a short while, my head was better. After twenty minutes, the headache was as good as gone. And after half an hour, the headache was gone. So there must be some kind of evilness. And I think of high frequent sound. It is like a train on the eye. And I will not bear it. I don't understand why I should tolerate people making life intolerable to me. So I ask Christ: Be my revenge!

His way

Everything I have made, I have made by my own, by Christ living in me. All tunes are mine, all wisdom is mine, all poems are mine, and all drawings are mine. Satan has, though, taken part by creating errors. Poems have been changed, music sheets have been altered, writing errors have been made and the look of web sites have been manipulated with. I wonder what the motivation of Satan is. Satan is, of course, feeling poor. That, though, don't explain the hostility. It don't explain the will to actively seek me and to fight me. Well. I think it is a good thing I don't understand Satan.